• Mental Health Awareness Week

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to highlight the efforts we are making at Dickie and Moore to ensure that both Mental and Physical health are treated with the same priority.

We currently have 3 fully trained Mental Health First Aiders plus 1 Champion in the company, and we have a further 4 booked for MHFA training this summer to give us a total of 7 this year with plans to increase as we move further into 2022.

To ensure there is a universal understanding within Dickie and Moore we promote the presence of the MHFA’S so that everyone is aware of who they are and how they can contact them if they feel they need someone to talk to or just to have a chat.

As we move on this year, we are making it a priority to train our Site Teams in Mental Health Awareness to further enhance and support the work of the MH First Aiders.

To give an insight into how our Mental Health Training is approached we have listed the steps we take in guiding and sharing information –

Mental Health First Aid Training includes –

  • How to respond to a colleague who you believe is at risk of suicide
  • How to give immediate help until professional help is available
  • What to say & do in a crisis
  • The importance of good listening skills and how to practice listening & responding
  • Understanding the types and causes of mental health problems and how to spot these in colleagues
  • Understanding of how to recover from mental health problems
  • Understanding the discrimination & stigma around Mental health and how to combat this
  • Understanding of how to approach colleagues who you see may be suffering mental health problems

Awareness will include –

  • Understanding of what mental health is
  • Understanding of different mental health issues and their causes
  • How we can all look after our mental health and maintaining well-being
  • How we can all take effective actions to remove the stigma that surrounds mental ill-health
  • How we can encourage colleagues who may be experiencing stress, anxiety and other mental health issues to get help and where to go.

We want to acknowledge that there is still more we would like to do to ensure we are meeting maximum mental health standards and are making it a priority to promote awareness and to teach and share knowledge surrounding Mental Health to ensure that Dickie and Moore continues to be a leader in safety and wellbeing standards.

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