• Beefeater Gin

Chivas Brothers
16 Weeks

Dickie & Moore Construction were contracted by Chivas Brothers to complete a 2 stage project at their flagship gin distillery in central London.

Stage 1 of the project was to refurbish an existing space within the distillery to form a new gin testing laboratory and meeting room. All works were completed within a live operating environment and completed successfully within the agreed programme.

Stage 2 of the project involved the installation of a new gin still to allow Chivas to increase their gin production. D&M took the project from initial concept, developed the design with the design team and our specialist contractors, through the construction phase to handover. To facilitate the new still installation, a full robotic 3D survey was carried out of the existing distillery to allow for a Revit modelled new steel frame structure to be installed to support the still (and provision for future stills) and provide access and maintenance walkways below the still. To install the new internal steelwork frame, a large crane hoisted a mini crane onto the roof of the Beefeater building and a temporary access was formed onto level 3 of the distillery. From there, the mini crane hoisted and installed steelwork that was delivered and loaded at level 1.

A new curtain wall screen was installed on level 1 with large folding doors to facilitate any future still installations. Alterations to the existing stair and handrail systems throughout the distillery were carried out to suit the new steel floor levels introduced. On completion of the steelwork installation, the still was delivered to site with D&M managing the process of lifting the 3t still over the Beefeater building and into the building via the new access formed at level 1. The still was hoisted internally into position via the new hoist which was installed as part of the new steel frame structure.

Following the still installation, D&M managed the clients specialist contractors who installed the necessary electrical and mechanical systems to get the still producing. The project was successfully handed over to client in line with the agreed timescales.