• ‘Kook Skool’ Sponsorship

Dickie and Moore are proud to sponsor the Kook Skool in Pollok, which is a cookery school established to try and alleviate the strike of food poverty in the area.  The idea for this coming from our Director, John Dickie, and his concern for the community.

The school aims to train and educate individuals on essential skills to help them develop and perfect their cooking to be as economical and healthy as possible.

Last month the first event was held and it was highly attended with many holding the event in high regard with Masterchef winner, Gary Maclean holding the first cooking demo.

Reverend Dave Murray from Pollok Baptist Church where it is being held said: “The Kook School allows us to engage with real-life issues that affect the people of Pollok, whilst providing people of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn how to cook, engage socially and challenge oppression and injustices like food poverty and food banks.

Dickie and Moore will be continuing to sponsor the ‘Kook School,’ alongside supermarket giants Tesco and Waitrose, and support the school for the next two years and we can’t wait to see its the benefits and successes in the coming months.





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